1. Dozens claim a Chicago detective beat them into confessions. A pattern of abuse or a pattern of lies?

    Dozens claim a Chicago detective beat them into confessions. A pattern of abuse or a pattern of lies?

    A longtime inmate — and dozens of others — say they were beaten and threatened into confessions by a police officer who prosecutors and colleagues say always followed the rules. 

    The suspects and their attorneys say the abusive interrogations led to false confessions, tainted trials and wrongful convictions, part of a systemic, age-old problem in Chicago’s police force.

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    1. Some of them are really good and some of them are really bad and most of them are somewhere in between.
    2. There's been examples of police misconduct that have been exposed over the years.
    3. The Chicago system for investigating and addressing misconduct and brutality have been designed and have worked to protect officers from discipline.
    4. I believe it's about racism and about a belief that the lives of people of color and the safety of people of color are less important.
    5. I feel like, where is my integrity? I don't stand for anything? That was taken from me.
    6. There was not even a remote inkling that he was somehow abusive to anybody, ever. And I was there.
    7. Kato was the only Asian detective working Area 4.
    8. How would the unrelated people who all came into contact with Kato have this conspiracy that would range two decades? Over the course of his career, to accuse him of physically abusing them? It's absurd.
    9. There are people who still remain in prison today who are there potentially as a result of police torture or abuse.
    10. If you believe that false confessions were rampant, you better throw in the judges and the juries and the appellate courts of Illinois as being part of that conspiracy.
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