1. 1st CNN poll on 2020 Democrats puts Biden way ahead

    1st CNN poll on 2020 Democrats puts Biden way ahead

    Our first national poll taken after Biden announced his bid has him well ahead of the Democratic field with 39% to his closest rival at 14% for Sanders. This represents a double-digit Biden bounce from our last poll. Other polls also indicate Biden's up since his announcement.

    Here are a few other key takeaways from poll:

    • Biden's advantage is being powered by the base of the Democratic Party (more moderate, non-college educated, nonwhite and older voters)
    • Buttigieg is up from our last poll to 7%, but hasn't risen compared other more recent polls because he hasn't expanded beyond his wealthier, whiter, more liberal base
    • Harris and O'Rourke has seen their numbers drop 7 points to ...
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