1. "48 Hours" investigates the deaths of Colorado man's wives

    "48 Hours" investigates the deaths of Colorado man's wives

    Rocky Mountain National Park is a place known for its soaring beauty, majestic wildlife and inspiring serenity, but in September of 2012, it was a site of heartbreak. The story of how love might have gone murderously wrong begins with a joyful time. Toni and Harold Henthorn KCNC Dr. Toni Bertolet, a sophisticated Southern belle, met Harold Henthorn in 1999.

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    1. I was extraordinarily happy for my sister. ...It appeared that she found her true love. And if she was happy, I was happy.
    2. He seemed like a good match for Toni.
    3. I go out to non profits and try to raise money.
    4. He had his daughter. He had his wife ... he had his nice life.
    5. But it hit the back of my neck and fractured a vertebra, And with that she did lose some sensation in her hands, Barry Bertolet said.
    6. Harold would always answer. See, he had the house phone hooked up to his cell phone.
    7. The only one-on-one conversation I ever had was with Harold. If I tried to talk to Toni or Haley, it was always on speaker phone.
    8. When our doctors would have meetings ... Harold had to be part of it.
    9. He made us uncomfortable. He was kind of -- there was something creepy about him.
    10. It's the last image. It's the last time anybody who was close to her saw her alive.
    11. The story is that ... he notices that she was lagging behind.
    12. That story changes by the next day. Toni now is taking a picture of Harold.
    13. We did not want Toni cremated. And Harold insisted.
    14. I think he was trying to hide evidence.
    15. I think that Harold Henthorn pushed my sister off the mountain.
    16. They found a map, they found a map.
    17. Yes, I agree, I don't believe you could ever do this.
    18. I really feel bad to say this, but I think that Harold did this.
    19. It just said his first wife died in a freak accident as well.
    20. Toni Henthorn had a lot of friends. She had a lot of people who loved her ... and right from the start wanted to see justice. They didn't feel good about what happened.
    21. She was a great woman. She was awesome in heart and soul.
    22. He was charming. He was a fun guy to be around.
    23. We got a call from a paramedic letting us know that there had been an accident. ...And she was gone. And It was horrible pain, it was horrible.
    24. This was a man we vacationed with and spent hundreds of hours with. And we just didn't allow ourselves to go there.
    25. That -- CPR people or the people -- the EMTs didn't know what they were doing and they actually crushed her. That -- she was killed in an automobile accident ... head-on automobile accident.
    26. Not in the information that I've read.
    27. They're on a gravel surface ... Lug nuts don't move very far when you drop them on a gravel surface.
    28. That's certainly is suspicious to me.
    29. She asked me what Harold had told me about his job and I gave her the details of he said he was a fundraising consultant for ... nonprofits.
    30. Federal investigators have come out and proven ... he had no income at all, that he wasn't raising any money.
    31. I wanted to give you another opportunity to explain what's going on.
    32. Federal authorities do not believe that Harold Henthorn is any kind of hard-luck husband who's just a victim of circumstance.
    33. She didn't deserve to be crushed under a Jeep out here.
    34. It will strengthen the case enormously for Toni to have Lynn's case added in.
    35. Going into this trial, I'm really thinking, this is a tossup.
    36. There is a lot of interest in Denver ... and frankly around the world in this trial because the circumstances are so unusual. A husband whose two wives die in these freak accidents.
    37. They portray Harold Henthorn as an abject liar who's lied about everything in his life. ...They say that he stood to make about $4.7 million in life insurance if Toni Henthorn died.
    38. My client's a very unusual, quirky guy and he has lied.
    39. They were able to establish a pattern of him visiting that same area because his phone, when he would text or call ... was hitting the same exact tower.
    40. And her lipstick was still on. So ... that would be impossible.
    41. At one point she's slow heart rate, at another point she's fast heart rate. Well, which is it?
    42. It was like he's trying to hide something.
    43. After Toni Henthorn's fall, they find her wedding ring on her finger. Her hand is not severely damaged.
    44. During the investigation, Harold Henthorn got a lotta pressure from the FBI about that diamond. And it got to him.
    45. Once we learned more about Lynn's death and the circumstances of her death, then it started coming together for me, that there were very many similarities in the two cases.
    46. I wanted to hear from Harold. I would've loved to see him get on the stand and give another account to the jury of what happened that night.
    47. We're all somewhat anxious in waiting the decision ... if there's a hung jury.
    48. We hope to be able to have a celebratory dinner tonight together. We are just praying that the jury will come back and get a quick verdict.
    49. After the trial officially ended ... In all the years I've been doing this, I've never seen that before.
    50. As one mom to another, I feel your pain.
    51. We grieve for the Bertolets because had we come forward at that time with more suspicions, then maybe Toni would be alive today.