1. Coronavirus Bailout Fails, Senate Continues Negotiating

    Coronavirus Bailout Fails, Senate Continues Negotiating

    FOR THE SECOND TIME IN TWO DAYS, SENATE DEMOCRATS voted against a procedural motion on a multitrillion-dollar coronavirus stimulus bill -- this time with the stock market open and the Dow Jones Industrial Average down several hundred points on the day. The vote was 49-46.

    SENATE MINORITY LEADER CHUCK SCHUMER said today that he is in negotiations with Treasury Secretary STEVEN MNUCHIN and the TRUMP ADMINISTRATION,and blamed Senate Majority LeaderMITCH MCCONNELL for holding the procedural vote arbitrarily before a compromise was reached.

    MCCONNELL, though, has pointed out -- rightly -- that the Senate Democrats could indeed vote for the procedural motion, which would limit debate, and continue to negotiate on the overall package. But SCHUMER has continued to hold Senate Democrats together ...

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