1. Media Companies Line Up to Trademark Coronavirus Pandemic

    Media Companies Line Up to Trademark Coronavirus Pandemic

    In the weeks since the coronavirus seized the globe’s attention, dozens of brands, media companies, celebrities and average Joes have filed trademark applications to cash in on newly ubiquitous phrases. 

    Records from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office show that since early March, more than 140 applications have been filed for variations on the words coronavirus, COVID-19, pandemic and shelter-in-place. 

    The makers of What Do You Meme?, the party card game similar to Cards Against Humanity, filed March 20 to trademark “Social Distancing. The Game.” A California man filed a wide-ranging claim to the phrase “Love in the Time of Coronavirus” for apparel and entertainment. A Florida man wants to sell "COVID-19 Baby" onesies nine months from now.

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