1. Puma to Block Nike From Gaining Generic 'Footware' Trademark

    Puma to Block Nike From Gaining Generic 'Footware' Trademark

    Puma is not easing up on its quest to block Nike from gaining a trademark registration for the word “footware” for use on seemingly sneaker-specific software products and services. On the heels of waging an early-stage challenge to the trademark application that Nike filed in March 2019, which saw Puma send a “letter of protest” to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”), arguing that that “footware” is a “descriptive” term, and thus, not eligible for registration, the German multinational footwear brand has initiated opposition proceedings in connection with Nike’s application, asserting that Nike’s potential registration should be blocked. 

    In its June 16 opposition filing, as first reported by Law360, Puma argues – again – that “footware” is a ...

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