1. RJ Reynolds Tabacco Company Responsible for $100M Settlement to Florida

    RJ Reynolds Tabacco Company Responsible for $100M Settlement to Florida

    A state appeals court Wednesday said R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. is responsible for paying more than $100 million in a dispute rooted in a landmark legal settlement between Florida and cigarette makers more than two decades ago.

    The unanimous ruling by a panel of the 4th District Court of Appeal came after arguments by R.J. Reynolds that it should not have to make payments to the state related to four brands of cigarettes — Salem, Winston, Kool and Maverick — that it sold to another company.

    But the appeals court upheld a decision by a Palm Beach County circuit judge, who said R.J. Reynolds remained on the hook for the payments under a 1997 settlement in which cigarette makers ...

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    1. The FSA (Florida Settlement Agreement) required that Reynolds make annual payments to the state of Florida in perpetuity, with no condition of termination, in exchange for the release of liability for past and future medical costs incurred by the state of Florida.