1. Woman Sentenced to Life in Prison for Beating a Cop

    Woman Sentenced to Life in Prison for Beating a Cop

    A woman was sentenced to life in prison Wednesday for a 2019 assault that left an officer with a traumatic brain injury.

    Nicole Poston, 30, was sentenced for convictions of first-degree assault of a law-enforcement officer and armed criminal action.

    The Phelps County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office said that in August 2019, Poston slipped out of her handcuffs after being arrested by Officer Leann Robertson and used them to repeatedly strike Robertson in the face. Robertson suffered a traumatic brain injury with long-term symptoms such as severe headaches and dizziness, the attorney’s office said.

    “Part of my job is to make sure dangerous people aren’t allowed to hurt other people again,” said Judge William Hickle, who handed down ...

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