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    1. Utah files Administrative Action against Purdue Pharma

      Utah files Administrative Action against Purdue Pharma

      Utah's Attorney General has dismissed a lawsuit filed against Purdue Pharma over the opioid crisis.

      Instead, the state will pursue an administrative action against the pharmaceutical giant through Utah's Division of Consumer Protection.

      "We believe it will give us the opportunity to streamline this case and get to a judgment much more rapidly than if we had stayed in state district court," Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes told reporters on Wednesday.

      The administrative action was filed Wednesday against Purdue and two of its owners, Richard and Kathle Sackler. It seeks to hold them responsible for Utah's portion of the opioid crisis, accusing Purdue of overmarketing opoids and misstating the addiction risks.

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    2. Texas sues Purdue Pharma

      Texas sues Purdue Pharma

      Attorney General Ken Paxton is leading Texas into a lawsuit against Purdue Pharma for exacerbating the opioid crisis among Texans.

      In an announcement Tuesday afternoon, Paxton, a Republican, flanked by several assistant attorney generals, said the state is taking the drug maker to court for misrepresenting the risks of opioid addiction.

      “We must make those who have caused the opioid crisis feel the pain that they have inflicted on our community,” Paxton said.


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    3. Tennessee lawsuit against Mallinckrodt

      Tennessee lawsuit against Mallinckrodt

      A Tennessee lawsuit over the opioid epidemic says the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration viewed one drug-producing company as the "kingpin within a drug cartel."

      An amended complaint filed Monday in Circuit Court for Cumberland County says the DEA labeled Mallinckrodt a "kingpin" because it shipped opioids in high volumes to pharmacies it knew were feeding "pill mills" in Florida, which supplied Tennessee's illegal drug market.

      St. Louis-based Mallinckrodt didn't immediately respond to an emailed request for comment about the characterization.

      Drug companies are fielding a flurry of lawsuits nationwide over the scourge of opioid abuse.

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    4. South Dakota sues Drugmakers

      South Dakota sues Drugmakers

      South Dakota Attorney General Marty Jackley is filing a lawsuit against three pharmaceutical companies alleging they misrepresented the effect of opioid painkillers.

      The lawsuit alleges these companies took steps to conceal those risks.

      Attorney General Jackley says many South Dakotans, both patients and doctors, relied on information provided by these opioid manufacturers.

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    5. South Carolina sues Purdue Pharma

      South Carolina sues Purdue Pharma

      South Carolina sued Purdue Pharma LP on Tuesday, becoming the latest state or local government to accuse the OxyContin maker of deceptive marketing practices that have contributed to a national opioid addiction epidemic.

      The lawsuit by South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson, filed in Richland County Court of Common Pleas in Columbia, accuses the company of the unfair and deceptive marketing of opioid painkillers.

      Wilson claimed Purdue has told doctors that patients who receive prescriptions for opioids generally will not become addicted and those who appeared to be were only “pseudoaddicted” and needed more of the drugs.

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    6. Purdue Pharma sued by Pennsylvania

      Purdue Pharma sued by Pennsylvania

      Pennsylvania has filed a lawsuit against pharmaceutical giant Purdue Pharma, claiming the company fueled the opioid epidemic through its sales of painkiller OxyContin, the state attorney general announced Tuesday.

      The civil charges follow a two-year investigation into Purdue and other pharmaceutical companies that have for years given millions of Americans access to powerful opioid-based pain killers through doctors, Attorney General Josh Shapiro said.

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    7. Purdue Pharma sued again by Oregon

      Purdue Pharma sued again by Oregon

      Oregon’s attorney general filed a new lawsuit against Purdue Pharma on Thursday, but the latest complaint also targets the company’s owners.

      Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum alleged that Purdue Pharma and eight members of the Sackler family took billions of dollars out of the company, transferred the money to their own accounts and continued to illegally market OxyContin, alleging that they have known for 20 years that OxyContin was addictive and deadly.

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    8. Purdue Pharma Being Sued By New Hampshire

      Purdue Pharma Being Sued By New Hampshire

      Office of the Attorney General filed suit against Purdue Pharma for running a deceptive campaign to sustain a market for its opioids.

      Local doctors claim representatives from Purdue visited as often as three times a week and downplayed the addictive risks of Oxycontin.

      The state did not confirm whether the state would sue other companies.

      Purdue denies the allegations but is focused on helping opioid victims.

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    9. Teva Pharmaceuticals to Pay $85 Million

      Teva Pharmaceuticals to Pay $85 Million

      An Israel-based pharmaceutical company has agreed to an $85 million settlement with the state of Oklahoma over its alleged role in fueling the opioid crisis. 

      Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter had accused Teva Pharmaceuticals of creating a public nuisance through its production and marketing of opioids. In a statement announcing the settlement, Teva said the agreement "does not establish any wrongdoing on the part of the company." Teva also said it "has not contributed to the abuse of opioids in Oklahoma in any way." 


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    10. Nebraska Does Not Plan To File Lawsuit Against Opioid Manufacturers

      Nebraska Does Not Plan To File Lawsuit Against Opioid Manufacturers

      In a letter from Nebraska Attorney General Douglas Peterson, Peterson claims Nebraska will not file a lawsuit.

      Nebraska has developed the Nebraska Coalition to End Opioid Misuse to prevent and treat opioid addiction.

      Nebraska has been recruited to join an MDL in Ohio. They will not join the MDL as they see it as unnecessary and may delay the recovery process.

      Any recovery by Nebraska from opioid manufacturers and distributors would include any claims by Nebraska counties and cities.

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    11. Montana Files Lawsuit Against Purdue Pharma

      Montana Files Lawsuit Against Purdue Pharma

      Montana withdrew from a multistate investigation to pursue an individual lawsuit.

      Attorney General Tim Fox accused Purdue of falsely claiming it was safe for chronic pain treatment

      Purdue claims there are warning labels about addiction risk and their medication is FDA approved. Purdue is trying to avoid litigation and want an early settlement.

      Plaintiff lawyers believe these lawsuits mirror the $246 billion tobacco settlement in 1998.

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    12. Missouri Files Lawsuit Against Opioid Manufacturers

      Missouri Files Lawsuit Against Opioid Manufacturers

      Attorney General Josh Hawley filed a lawsuit against Purdue Pharma, Johnson & Johnson and Endo International. The opioid manufacturers allegedly used deceptive trade practices along with referencing fake research which was used to convince doctors the products were safe.

      In 2015, 500 Missourians and 33,000 people across the nation died from opioid overdoses.

      AG Hawley plans to use any monetary compensation won towards families impacted by addiction.

      Purdue Pharma allegedly knew of the addictiveness of their drugs back in 1995.

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    13. Mississippi AG Files Lawsuit Against Opioid Distributors

      Mississippi AG Files Lawsuit Against Opioid Distributors

      Attorney General Jim Hood files a lawsuit against opioid distributors. The state filed the lawsuit at the Hinds County Circuit Court.

      Distributors include Cardinal Health, Inc., McKesson Corporation and AmerisourceBergen Corporation. These distributors have allegedly failed to monitor, investigate, and report suspicious orders of opioids.

      “In 2017 alone, Mississippi had enough opioids supplied to provide 61 pills for every man, woman, and child in the State,” General Hood said.

      Attorney General Hood filed the first lawsuit in 2015 by a state against multiple drug manufacturers in the opioid epidemic, including Purdue Pharma.

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    14. Minnesota Lawsuit Against Purdue Pharma Expanded

      Minnesota Lawsuit Against Purdue Pharma Expanded

      Attorney General Keith Ellison is expanding the lawsuit against the makers of Oxycontin, Purdue Pharma. Richard Sackler and seven other family members have been added to the lawsuit.

      Ellison believes the Sacklers are responsible for aggressive sales tactics and deceptive marketing.

      Ellison also claims the Sacklers knew in 1999 that prescription opioids lead to addiction. Yet, they continued to push sales and spread the epidemic across the state of Minnesota.

      No trial date is set, and a judge has already dismissed Purdue’s motion to dismiss the lawsuit.

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    15. Michigan AG Plans To File Lawsuit Against Opioid Manufacturers

      Michigan AG Plans To File Lawsuit Against Opioid Manufacturers

      State officials are expecting to file legal action against distributors and manufacturers responsible for the opioid crisis.

      Attorney General Dana Nessel says the state is seeking experts to aid in going after the parties responsible for the manufactured chemicals of opioids and PFAS.

      PFAS has been linked to causing contamination of drinking water in parts of Michigan. 3M, a company responsible, continued producing and selling the chemical despite knowing of their effects.

      Whatever law firms end up assisting the state will be working on a contingency fee.

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    16. Massachusetts Amends Complaint Against Purdue Pharma

      Massachusetts Amends Complaint Against Purdue Pharma

      Attorney General Maura Healey amended a complaint against Purdue Pharma, the maker of Oxycontin.

      The complaint finds that the active ingredient found in Oxycontin is almost identical to the Schedule I Drug heroin. The complaint also accuses Purdue Pharma of offering money to successful prescribers to serve as spokesmen for their drugs.

      The complaint focuses on the way the Sackler family, who control the company, aggressively pushed for additional opioid sales.

      The complaint seeks restitution for every person affected by Purdue and penalties for deceptive business practices.

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    17. Maine Files Lawsuit Against Purdue Pharma Over Opioid Crisis

      Maine Files Lawsuit Against Purdue Pharma Over Opioid Crisis

      Maine Attorney General Aaron Frey accuses Purdue Pharma and members of the Sackler family of deceptive business practices when marketing the drugs to health care providers. The lawsuit comes from the Kennebec County Superior Court.

      Drug overdose deaths were hitting a record high in Maine in 2017. There have been 2,2026 opioid overdoses in Maine since 2007 with 1,321 caused by prescription opioids. The state is looking to hold someone accountable for the destructive impacts of opioid misuse.

      Purdue Pharma believes the Maine lawsuit is both “misleading” and “sensationalized.”

      A spokesman from the Attorney General’s Office claims Maine filed the lawsuit the same day as California, Hawaii and the District of Colombia in a coordinated strategy.

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    18. Opioid Manufacturers Being Sued By Louisiana Department of Health

      Opioid Manufacturers Being Sued By Louisiana Department of Health

      Louisiana filed suit against drug manufacturers claiming they purposely escalate the opioid crisis. The lawsuit was filed at the 19th Judicial District Court in Baton Rouge by the Louisiana Department of Health and the Governor’s Office. The lawsuit claims “drug manufacturers undertook an orchestrated campaign to flood Louisiana with highly addictive and dangerous opioids in an effort to maximize profits above the health and well-being of their customers, including the healthcare systems supporting those customers.”

      Sheriffs’ offices in Avoyelles, Lafayette, Jefferson Davis and Rapides parishes also filed lawsuits last week. 16 drug manufacturers are listed in the Louisiana lawsuit including Purdue Pharma, makers of Oxycontin. 

      Louisiana is also seeking damages for what it has paid for excessive opioid ...

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    19. Tribal Track: Native American MDL Bellwether Cases

      Tribal Track: Native American MDL Bellwether Cases

      General Background:

      In the midst of the multi-district litigation, Native American tribes have been given their own bellwether track, named the “Tribal Track.”

      Among the numerous causes, the track was created mainly due to tribes across the United States being disproportionately affected by the crisis, the federal government funding their tribal health care, and the tribes’ drive for solutions to the epidemic.

      Judge Polster, who has been appointed to preside over the opioid litigation in the Northern District of Ohio, acknowledged that tribes have been "disproportionately affected by the opioid epidemic." Polster accentuated that "if there is a resolution, there won't be one without them, so this court is not going to marginalize them ... whether they're a separate ...

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    20. Alabama Voluntarily Dismisses Opioid Lawsuit

      Alabama Voluntarily Dismisses Opioid Lawsuit

      Alabama was chosen to be the bellwether state case in the opioid multi-district litigation, but when Judge Polster questioned whether his court had federal jurisdiction over the state case, Attorney General Steve Marshall asked that the judge dismiss the case without prejudice. 

      This was due to the fact that this question of jurisdiction can be raised at any time at trial and the state believed it was in best interest of the state to refile the case at the state level so no more jurisdictional issues resurface at any trial or appeal.

      Marshall filed the motion to dismiss June 6th in the federal court in Cleveland, Ohio under Judge Polster.

      This decision has legal significance for the other 47 attorneys ...

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    21. Rifts Within MDL Cause Debate

      Rifts Within MDL Cause Debate

      Within the opioid multi-district litigation (MDL) there are over 2,000 entities including cities, counties, states, and Native American tribes that have filed suit against opioid drugmakers. 

      There have been debates between state and local groups on exactly who should have the power to create any settlement and how it should work. 

      On the state side, attorney generals of the 48 states involved in the opioid litigation (all but Michigan and Nebraska) are concerned about certain lawyers plans to divide settlement money between 25,000 local and county governments. 

      On the local side, these lawyers have asked for two weeks to modify their plan for the opioid litigation involving those 25,000 plaintiffs. 

      While Judge Polster has said he understands ...

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    22. Kansas Sues OxyContin Maker Purdue Pharma

      Kansas Sues OxyContin Maker Purdue Pharma

      Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt filed a lawsuit against Purdue Pharma for violating Kansas Consumer Protection Act. 

      The state lawsuit claims that the drug company utilized deceptive marketing schemes to promote its opioid product. 

      Schmidt seeks to hold the defendant drugmakers accountable for fueling the opioid epidemic by deceptively claiming that the drug had a low risk of addiction and long-term use improved patients quality of life. 

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    23. Iowa Joins Opioid Litigation

      Iowa Joins Opioid Litigation

      Iowa follows 40 states in filing lawsuits against opioid drugmakers that allegedly created the opioid crisis. 

      The lawsuit names Richard Sackler, who allegedly encouraged the employees to utilize deceptive marketing to create a larger market for Purdue Pharma's opioid products. 

      The lawsuit claims that along with underplaying the addictiveness of opioids, Purdue also published incorrect views of their drug in medical journals. 

      The state seeks to end the deceptive marketing schemes and provide restitution for those who got caught up in the opioid crisis personally. 

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    24. Illinois Attorney General Sues Purdue Pharma

      Illinois Attorney General Sues Purdue Pharma

      According to a lawsuit filed by Illinois Attorney General Kwame Raoul, hundreds of thousands of pharmaceutical representatives entered Illinois promoting Purdue's opioid products between 2008 and 2017.

      The lawsuit claims Purdue's tactics from deceptive marketing strategies tripled the number of opioids in Illinois. 

      The lawsuit also claims that the opioid drugmaker misled doctors of the adverse effects of opioids, specifically the potential of addiction. 

      The opioid crisis has left millions of people seeking financial restitution, where victims involve cities, counties, hospitals and Native American tribes. 

      Purdue now faces over 2,000 lawsuits against it, as the opioid epidemic continues. 

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