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    2. Trump Announces New Restrictions on Cuban Products

      Trump Announces New Restrictions on Cuban Products
      (CNN)President Donald Trumpon Wednesday announced a new series of economic sanctions on Cuba that ban US citizens from buying Cuban cigars as well as rum and staying at Cuban government-owned hotels on the communist-run island. "Today, as part of our continuing fight against communist oppression, I am announcing that the Treasury Department will prohibit US travelers from staying at properties owned by the Cuban government," Trump said at a ...
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    3. Trump's Rally in Nevada is Breaking All the COVID-19 Rules

      Trump's Rally in Nevada is Breaking All the COVID-19 Rules
      (CNN)PresidentDonald Trumpspoke to thousands of supporters indoors on Sunday for the first time in nearly three months. Trump attacked Democratic presidential nomineeJoe Biden'svoting record and mental acuity, and he repeated his campaign message about law and order. The themes were nearly identical to his speech from the night before in Minden, Nevada. Sunday's rally in Henderson, Nevada -- which was held inside a facility of Xtreme Manufacturing -- was ...
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    1. On July 2, 2018, Michael Cohen declared his independence from Donald Trump and his commitment to tell the truth.
      In Michael Cohen Lawyer Lanny Davis Begs for Donations
    2. As Donald Trump continues to use hateful rhetoric that seeks to divide us, we need courageous leadership at the state level willing to stand up for Maryland values.
      In Jealous tries to leverage Trump’s attack on his free community college proposal
    3. A poll just came out. [It says] the media is viewed as more divisive than Donald Trump.
      In Senate report concludes evidence Swetnick, Avenatti ‘criminally conspired’ against Kavanaugh