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    1. There is no reason why Florida has not adopted the ABA resolution involving not inquiring on a person's mental health condition, The board of bar examiners should encourage mental healthcare. By doing this, they are just building more barriers for folks who need treatment.
      In ADA lawsuit about Florida Bar examiners’ mental health requirements allowed to proceed
    2. People in Kentucky are driving to Florida to get their drugs.
      In Non-Debtor Substantive Consolidation: Do Recent Cases Signal a Judicial Preference for State Law Claims?
    3. The rest of the cavalry includes two professors who literally on SLAPP (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation) suits, which is what Hurchalla's personal attorney, Virginia Sherlock, continues to call Lake Point's lawsuit against Hurchalla for interfering in its contracts with Martin County and the South Florida Water Management District.
      In Environmentalist Hurchalla Ups Her Game Mightily in Lake Point Appeal