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    2. Supreme Court allows Sandy Hook families to sue Remington

      Supreme Court allows Sandy Hook families to sue Remington
      The Supreme Court rules it will not stop the lawsuit by Sandy Hook victims' families against Remington Arms Co., the manufacturer of the semi-automatic rifle used in the 2012 shooting at an elementary school. The Court decided not to take up an appeal by Remington. It represents a blow to the gun industry - depending on the outcome of the case - which could open the door to gun violence victims' families ...
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    1. It is more important than ever that technologists, engineers and leadership of tech companies incorporate a human rights-based approach into the design of their products.
      In Silicon Valley employees flex newfound political muscles
    2. It's important to get this straightened out because it's an issue of human rights and it's an issue of family rights.
      In Far from border, families separated in Georgia
    3. Likewise, the Minnesota Human Rights Act contains an exclusivity provision
      In MN Supreme Court Revises Disabilities Coverage in Two Decisions