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    2. What to expect from the opioid MDL in 2020

      What to expect from the opioid MDL in 2020
      While 2019 was a landmark year for litigation, 2020 could be an even bigger year. The next bellwether trials are set to begin in mid-2020. Judge Polster who presides over the litigation is also set to push for a settlement to resolve all the cases. Negotiations for a global settlement are also set to continue in 2020. If 2019 is any predictor, many more opioid defendants will reach settlements to ...
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    3. Opioid MDL “Negotiation Class” under review

      Opioid MDL “Negotiation Class” under review
      A new interlocutory appeal granted to drug manufacturers and distributors is opposing the district court's certified "Negotiation Class." The defendants oppose the class due to claims it fails to provide notice of the settlement, or of the parties' opt-out rights, "until settlement is already reached." The appeal makes sense, with such a novel issue and major litigation.
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    1. The rest of Ohio – and Ohio itself – is being left behind in the MDL lawsuit in Cleveland.
      In Opioid Maker Allergan Settles With Two Ohio Counties