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    2. Mother Arrested After 11-Month-Old Baby Tests Positive for Drugs

      Mother Arrested After 11-Month-Old Baby Tests Positive for Drugs
      ATexaswoman with an extensive criminal history has been arrested after her 11-month-old baby was found to have meth, marijuana, opiates and Oxycodone in its system. Brittany Kuter, 32, was arrested by police in Burkburnett, Wichita Falls, on child endangerment charges Friday, less than two weeks after she was detained for evidence tampering. The Burkburnett Police Department began investigating Kuter late last month after an officer was notified by a school ...
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    3. Americold Acquires Agro Merchants Group for $1.74B

      Americold Acquires Agro Merchants Group for $1.74B
      Cold storage warehouse owner and operator Americold Realty Trust (NYSE: COLD) announced on Tuesday that it has entered into an agreement to acquire the worlds fourth-largest temperature-controlled operator, Agro Merchants Group, for $1.74 billion. The announcement follows several others over the last two years as the Atlanta-based real estate investment trust continues to expand its network through acquisition. Americoldadded facilities in Florida and Texasin August and was chosen by ...
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    1. In 2011, the Texas Rangers purchased equipment and paid for service from GilmanSound to improve the audio system in the Globe Life Park seating bowl.
      In Musician And 'Whale Whisperer' Sued For Defrauding Investors Of $3.3 Million
    2. People who have been there [in Texas] back then have retired or gone on to other jobs.
      In The man who has seen more U.S. executions than anyone else
    3. It's been a wave in other states, even with Republican governors. But not Texas.
      In Texas Republicans Squelch Prospects of New Gun Law